SOLD Vintage 18K Solid Gold Locket Unplated Victorian Mourning Onyx Locket Glass divider Original Circa 1900

SOLD Vintage 18K Solid Gold Locket Unplated Victorian Mourning Onyx Locket Glass divider Original Circa 1900


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Consistent with our policy to only sell Solid Gold jewelry and genuine pieces, Midwest Art Objects is pleased to present a lovely vintage locket in black onyx and 18K solid gold. It is not metal (i.e, it is not plated, nor filled nor is it gold covered silver – also known as vermeil--).

This is a mourning onyx piece that we are dating back to the 1900's. Those pieces are getting hard to find these days.  We can find many lockets made out of base metal (often very lovely ones nevertheless) that can be had for a fraction of the cost but have no "resale value" to speak of (although, many of them have emotional value, which, in the end, is probably more significant). The locket presented here was part of an estate whose value increased over the years.

To be precise, we have dated this locket to the end of the reign of Queen Victoria of England. The lovely pearl on the onyx is perfect, with high luster and good nacre, and reflects the delicate designs of the Victorian period. But because it is made out of solid 18-carat gold, we believe it had its origin in France. A monogram is etched on the backside of this locket.

The glass divider is in excellent condition with no scratches nor chips – it allowed to locket owner to place both a photograph and a memento relating to the picture e.g, a lock of hair  At this point, the locket only begs to be opened, which it does easily and conveniently.

This locket is in very good condition, with only a small dip on the frame where the hinge is located.

Size: 1.8cm  (2.7cm with bail)  (12/16" 1" with bail)
Weight: 5 gr
Material: 18K Solid Gold, onyx, pearl, glass
Origin: France, possibly England.
Period: Victorian.
Condition: very good

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