Genuine estate Art Nouveau ring in 18K solid gold Platinum Old European cut diamond Rose cut diamonds and rubies


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Material: 18K solid gold, platinum, old European cut diamond, rose cut diamonds, calibrated rubies
Size: 7
Period: authentic Art Nouveau, Circa 1900-1910
Style: engagement, bridal, statement
Origin: France
Provenance: estate of Mme S.
Condition: excellent estate, less than normal wear
Additional remarks: metal quality (18 carat, platinum) has been tested in our lab

N.b.: We guarantee the authenticity of our items. Each one of them has been evaluated by our experts and checked by our competent jeweler.

This is certainly one of the finest examples of Art Nouveau workmanship we have come across in a very long time.  Also falling within the Edwardian period, this elegant ring has been executed with absolute perfection.
This magnificent French ring features an old European cut diamond as a centerpiece and faceted natural rubies surround. The diamond has been bezel set in platinum and measures approximately 5mm.  Its sparkling abilities bespeaks an excellent clarity (VVS1-VVS2) and color (H/I). It is encircled by a halo of numerous faceted rubies of approximately 0.5mm each, complemented by an outer layer of festooned rose cut diamonds of minimum sizes (~0.05mm).
The shoulders begin with a lovely details adorned with 8 rose cut diamonds on each side.  This fancy adornment ushers in the 18K solid yellow gold shank.  It shows that the ring was sized some time in the life of this elegant ring, meaning that it could be sized again if needed be.
There is no evidence of hallmarks on this lovely ring, so we have carefully tested it and, as we expected, the results indicated a non equivocal 18 carat yellow gold and platinum.
 A great deal of attention has been paid in crafting this lovely ring, as shown in the solid yellow gold gallery engraved with volutes and curlicues.  
This ring is in excellent vintage condition. All of the gemstones are original, with no damage or replacements.  
Any white or cloudy spots on the images are glare and/or photographic obstructions.